MEGlobal & REACH: Downstream Uses and Exposure Scenarios (DU-ES)

An European Union (EU) based company that manufacturers or imports products in the EU is required to register the chemical substances contained in them under REACH.

Under REACH, EU customers of that EU Company are classified as 'downstream users'.

Their 'downstream uses' of a substance contained in the MEGlobal products have to be documented in the registration for that specific substance.

The Dow Chemical Company has been working closely with MEGlobal to define the product uses of Monoethylene glycol (MEG) and Diethylene Glycol (DEG). MEGlobal is following the 'top down' approach recommended by CEFIC for the communication of downstream uses and exposure scenarios along the supply chain.

MEGlobal communicates Identified Uses of its registered substances by means of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the products corresponding to these substances (section 1.2). For products corresponding to classified registered substances the SDS will contain an attachment with Exposure Scenarios (extended SDS).

Downstream users of our products are requested to review the downstream use information provided to you and decide whether your use of MEGlobal product is properly described. CEFIC has developed guidance on how to communicate on uses in the supply chain. The CEFIC document provides detailed information both on how to check your use and how to check your use conditions. We recommend you to download this guidance document and follow the recommendations. The guidance from our Only Representative (Dow) is limited to checking your use (not the use conditions) and is in line with the recommendations by CEFIC.

Please communicate back to MEGlobal, if your use deviates from the described uses.

For questions relating specifically to REACH registration, please access our REACH Q&A Page or contact REACH customer focal point.